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CrossFit: Exercises to increase endurance and willpower

Cardio CrossFit is a youthful fitness workout. The main advantage of this load is a variety of exercises, uniform strengthening of all muscle groups by an athlete, training of physical strength, endurance, and power. 

CrossFit is reminiscent of street workout and is suitable for all sports enthusiasts who want to develop all-round. The technique of most exercises is simple in practice, so there is no need to buy expensive sports equipment. In terms of effectiveness, the loads are comparable to strength training. CrossFit is a great way to workout at home for girls who dream of a beautiful, fit, and sexy figure with a sophisticated silhouette and graceful waist.

What is CrossFit Cardio Workout?

CrossFit is a program of exercises done at a fast pace and with minimal breaks between circles. The program includes rowing, cycling, cross-country races, dumbbell rows, bodyweight work, and more (except for training on simulators). Each exercise is given 10-15 minutes.

The optimal approach in CrossFit is circuit training. This scheme proposes a phased exercise with minimal respite. The advantage of this type of load is that it develops power and endurance.

The key rule of CrossFit is to stick to the program, break length, intensity, and the number of sets.

Fat burning fitness training is becoming more popular among athletes around the world by improving physical performance, as well as training willpower. The high efficiency of the CrossFit program allows it to be used for the physical training of military men, martial artists, rescuers in different countries. Acquired skills can be useful in everyday life. In practice, the effectiveness of CrossFit has been proven, it is great for those who want to always be in good physical shape and ready for extreme tests. But training is contraindicated for people with diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Drawing up a Crossfit training program

A feature of the CrossFit program is that it can be changed at least at every lesson. The golden rule applies here: the more varied the exercises, the greater the effect of the training. The main goal of such training is to shock the body with unpredictable loads, as well as the formation of endurance and power. The training usually includes sprints, squats, exercises on the horizontal bar.

An approximate workout program is as follows:

  • Pull-ups (20 times).
  • Push-ups (20 times).
  • Jumping rope (60-70 times).
  • Raises of the legs on the horizontal bar (10 times).
  • Weighted squats (40 times).

In one workout, you need to repeat the circle of exercises 5-6 times. The Crossfit program includes elements from a variety of sports: gymnastics, weight and athletics, fitness, bodybuilding. The break between sets should be minimal and not exceed 15 seconds. One of the key principles of CrossFit is that it is forbidden to stop in a circle, even if you are overwhelmed by extreme fatigue. If you are not able to do the required number of repetitions, then take a break for 10 seconds and complete the circle. The downside to CrossFit is that a beginner can easily get hurt by doing the exercises at a fast pace and neglecting technique. That is why this type of physical activity is best done under the supervision of a professional trainer.

When drawing up a training program, do not forget to include exercises for different muscle and joint groups:

  • Intense running.
  • Exercises for the muscles of the legs, arms, back.
  • Pushing movements.
  • Stretching.

In the process of exercising, monitor the pulse in order to eliminate excessive stress on the heart. The rhythm should not exceed 200 beats per minute. For home workouts, you will need the following inventory:

  • Sandbag.
  • A pair of dumbbells.
  • Barbell.
  • Step.
  • Horizontal bar and more.

CrossFit benefits for girls

CrossFit brings the following opportunities to the fairer sex:

  • Develops and strengthens all muscle groups.
  • Increases stamina and willpower.
  • Eliminates excess weight.
  • Allows you to find a slim figure.
  • Increases physical strength.
  • Improves the respiratory system.
  • The exercises are easy to perform (they are quick and easy even for beginners). 
  • The exercises can be done at home or outside.
  • Gives rapid progress in becoming in good physical shape.
  • Speeds up metabolism by 40% due to multidirectional load.
  • Workouts do not oblige you to stay in the gym for a long time (the basic lesson lasts 20-45 minutes).
  • Allows you to quickly build muscle mass.
  • Improves performance and well-being.
  • Allows you to gain beautiful muscle relief.
  • Strengthens the heart muscle.

CrossFit is chosen by girls who prefer to do a variety of exercises in the gym and want to get the maximum benefit and pleasure from each workout. 

Crossfit and weight loss: why can’t they grow together?

Let’s face it, not every tango student makes it to international competition. It’s the same with CrossFit. As statistics show, most of the trainees are kicked out of the training at the very beginning. And the reason is this: 

  • The workout is too high in intensity. Not everyone can withstand daily grueling workouts “on the edge”. If your goal is weight loss, then carefully approach the choice of the program, there are quite gentle options.
  • Talking about trauma is not a myth. By competing with other participants or in pursuit of personal records, you can harm the body. Although this applies to any sport.
  • The exercises can take a long time to learn. Adapt the training program to your body as much as possible: add intensity in some exercises, in some simplified techniques. It is a little time-consuming. But still faster than classic fitness.


So, CrossFit is actually effective for weight loss, and everyone can do it. But many of those who started training on the program sometimes encounter an unpleasant surprise: they cannot lose weight, and besides, they gain a couple of extra pounds. It’s all about high-intensity training. Under these conditions, the body switches to a mode of active consumption. Even all the pastries that you ate daily before will not be enough now.

The way out is in the right way of nutrition, without which CrossFit (as well as any other sport) is ineffective. The effect will be with a strict, low-carb diet and intense training program. One has only to exclude some of these components – the result will be in vain.

If you are active, love competitions, and are not afraid of serious stress, then Crossfit is definitely your way weight loss that will work 100%. If you feel that you do not like doing all these planks, jumps, squats, then you better give up such a load. Since you will not lose mass, but you can earn a disgust for sports.

If you are active, love competitions, and are not afraid of serious stress, then Crossfit is definitely your way weight loss that will work 100%. If you feel that you do not like doing all these planks, jumps, squats, then you better give up such a load. Since you will not lose mass, but you can earn a disgust for sports.


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