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So you have learned a lot about NPP steroid profile and main cycles and how to arrange PCT after stacking it. You have probably compared Durabolin with other steroids (like its close analogue Deca). After that you dived even deeper reading how to inject NPP to avoid any troubles and now you have full knowledge how to use Durabolin without side effects with maximum results? This all convinced you that NPP is just what you need right now?

Our congratulations! You are just one step away from buying NPP and this page will describe you the last things you need to know: Durabolin prices, main brands and most reputable sellers. Let’s move!

NPP cycles and stacking

NPP Steroid: Profile, Effects, Recommendations

Choose your NPP provider

NPP prices in online stores

The price of Nandrolone Phenylpropionate injections depends on which manufacturer and seller you have chosen. This is not the most expensive steroid. We recommend only factory sealed packages or glass ampoules cause in this case you know that you are protected from poor quality, infections or fakes.

You can find high-quality branded ampoules for the cost of $5.00-$8.00 USD for 100mg/ml dosage (which is the most popular nowadays). Price for 10 ampoules will be around $50.00-80.00 USD. Buying NPP in 10ml vials will cost from $50.00 to 85.00 USD for most expensive brands.

Although this may seem relatively inexpensive for some, the cost spent on steroids may increase if you are cycling NPP with any other anabolic steroids along with the manufacturer and site you purchase from.

The cost of steroids is always determined by the seller’s markup – there are a lot of intermediaries on the Internet, and only a few offer minimum markups for steroids. Many overcharge because buyers are willing to pay. The markup charge will also vary from site to site and depends on the brand you choose along with the shipping and handling cost.

Our blog staff is testing different NPP providers. Lots of them require buyders to pay via shady payment methods like western union transfers and bitcoins. These transfers are not reversible and even if you get some powder or liquids delivered you have no way to claim your money back if it occures to be placebo or whey protein.

Buy NPP from trusted & verified provider

NPP brands

As we stated in NPP profile page there are 2 types of NPP brands that produce Durabolin. We divide them by two main characteristics: if they are official factory or hand made, and if they are in USA or abroad.

Domestic underground labs

Some so called “entrepreneurs” start their own steroids brands. Usually they are former or current professional bodybuilders, fitness trainers or just any steroid forum visitor. They buy raw material from abroad (China mainly) and import it in a form of powder or mixed with oil by regular post. In order these packages to arrive to USA and pass custom control they have stickers of sunflower or olive oil and whey protein powder.

After some manipulations they fill liquid NPP into vials, print stamps on them and ship to customers. As you can see there are some risks to your health choosing such “producers” cause no one knows how exactly production is arranged (or if they even bother) to keep liquids sterile and how materials are being stored.

Also no one checks how they input steroid liquid into glass. We doubt they use any machinery for this. What we imagine is that they manually fill vials without any hesitation cause their packages arrive not factory sealed. Printing labels is also not a big deal.

While it’s not logical (the products are hand-made without any extra cost on licenses, equipment, sanitization, and so on) the price of such products is usually higher because customers enjoy fast domestic shipping and “have to pay for this”. So one of the main advantage (and we can call it “the only advantage”) that you get this “a hand made” product very fast (usually within one week).

A FRIENDLY ADVICE to OUR blog visitors: with regards to the purchase of NPP, we recommend you not take the chance with underground labs that offer NPP steroid for sale in a form of raw or in liquids mixed in basements.

Official pharmaceutical NPP brands

Official pharmaceutical brands are licensed company that produce several types of drugs. Some of them specialize on Anabolic Steroids and other PED and PCT drugs. While others have a list of hundreds official medications among their products list.

The main advantage of such companies is constant governmental control of their activities. They have strict quality requirements that do not allow expired raw materials to be used, or that do not allow to sell products in unsealed packages.

Some brands became so popular among bodybuilders all over the world that they started to suffer loss because of underground labs. These pirates copy original packages and sell low quality replacements pretending they are authentic. In the result original factories started to utilize security codes on packages that allow to check if product is genuine on manufacturers’ websites.

Most recognized brands that produce NPP

While we can name over 20 different brands that produce NPP only few of them operate like official licensed pharmaceutical companies. We name only those names that have been around for several years already and that deserved the highest compliments from their customers on online forums and closed communities.

This brand is famous because of …. Based in ,,,

Maxtreme Labs is one of the most popular.. ..

Dragon Pharma is the most recognized brand when it comes to NPP or other products related to PEM…

Pictures of injectable NPP products produced by some well-known brands

Some brands became so popular among bodybuilders all over the world that they started to suffer loss because of underground labs. These pirates copy original packages and sell low quality replacements pretending they are authentic. In the result original factories started to utilize security codes on packages that allow to check if product is genuine on manufacturers’ websites. Below you can see examples of such pages on producers websites.

Some of them (like Alpha Pharma) even created smartphone application to check if the products you purchased are original or not.

How online NPP sellers operate

As you discovered from our NPP profile page Durabolin is banned in USA and you can not buy it from any local pharmacy store. Plus even if there were any offers in Costco and Co it would be impossible to buy Nandrolone Phenyl without official prescription. Per Wikipedia note prescriptions are discontinued in USA for this kind of product and only limited members of Olympic Team or National Teams have access to such products nowadays.

But thanks to internet everyone can have access to steroids sellers and we are here to help you to determine how you can buy NPP without any risks.

So who is selling it in USA?

Just like with brands NPP sellers can be divided into few kinds:

Type 1. Buy Powder -> Mix in basement -> Print package -> Place stickers -> Run to post (aKA underground labs)

undergroud steroids lab

First of all we can name sites that produce and sell immediately. We called them UL (Undegroud Labs) and sometimes they operate On-Demand: once order arrives seller jumps into basement, mix compounds, print labels and run to post office. Such sellers can be identified by listing single brand on their domain only. They advertise themselves as high quality brands (who can check this?) and offer second day delivery. And sometimes the name of the site is the name of their brand.

Type 2: Dropshippers or Resellers of official brands

These are websites that keep warehouses outside of USA. They pack stocks by close cooperation with factories and thus they enjoy high volume discounts. Some of them work on drop-shipping model, when they deal with bulk resellers who arrange shipping and handling for them. These sites usually offer several brands for sale depending on what dealer or factory they are dealing with. We believe such stores are more reliable since at least you will not harm your health with fake or low quality injection.

some other important hints to choose reputable NPP dealer

(click on section name to expand our advice)

When it comes to payment options online shops can be divided into two main kinds:

  1. Shop accepts not-traceable payment options because they say it’s safe for client. In the reality it’s beneficial for seller only. If you choose to pay by bitcoins or money transfer (Western Union, Money gram, wire transfer to any bank account, even if it’s in USA) you have no ability to influence on seller. In case order is lost, if products arrived damaged or if you get fake or half-working product you can only bag your seller to offer refund or replacement.
  2. Shops that accept credit card payments. This is difficult to arrange and some of shops strugle really hard to be able to offer this payment method to customers. But if you are lucky you found one then you are protected all the way cause you have 6 months to charge money back in case order is not delivered or you get damaged or fake product.

The majority of online shops who are dealing with steroids industry offer online support. It’s unlikely you will find any phone number to call. And if you get one – it’s used to record your complaint only. Then you will get message from support team asking what kind of problem you faced.

The main thing to check here is to send any pre-sale question and if seller is serious about their business you will get a reply shortly. Typically reputable stores reply within 24 hours during working days.

It’s always nice to be sure that in case of any problem your money wont’ get lost. Reputable sellers offer free reshipping in case items get lost during shipping or do not get delivered within specified time frames.

Due to Corona virus lots of shipping companies started to work slower and packages from abroad get delivered here in US with delays. So if seller is ready to offer a refund or reshipping in case order is not delivered within 30 business days we consider this as a good sign. But only in case if you have an ability to influence his desicion (and this happens only if you paid via credit card)

Be sure you check online reviews on sites like trustpilot if you decide to explore npp sellers list. reputable sellers who care about their reputations have representatives there and even if any problem occurs you have someone to attract immediate attention to your problem

Our team has checked several online stores that offer NPP for sale for above mentioned check-lists and we are going to post a large comparison table of our personal experience dealing with them.

But as for now we found one provider that delivered nice quality NPP injections is

They offer 10-15 working days delivery to USA and secure credit card payments. We gave them a chance and got get real pharmaceutical grade NPP by Alpha Pharma.

Among main advantages of this seller we can list:

  • They offer credit card payments
  • Brands that they offer for sale are well known and all offer pharma grade quality
  • Products authenticity can be checked on manufacturers websites
  • Free reshipping in case item is lost on the route or 50% refund in case item is confiscated by custom of your country
  • Some nice bonuses with every order (we got free generic Viagra pills after we ordered NPP from them)
  • Full time customer support who answered our pre-sale questions quite fast
  • Delivery to USA took place within 2 weeks after cleared payment
  • Nice Trustpilot reviews profile. At least we can see that someone takes care of customer problems

When it comes to re-order they issue discount code to returning customers. So once you are happy with your fist test order you will enjoy life-time sale promos as well.

More NPP Sellers list and reviews

Right now we are expecting delivery from 3 other online shops with NPP for sale. Some of them were paid with bitcoins and we just pray sellers won’t run away with our funds. Anyway we will keep you updated.

Site.comPayment methodTracking code
site.combitcoinsexpecting soon
site2.comlightcoinspayment receipt is not confirmed by seller yet
site3.comwestern unionpayment arrived. product is passed for shipping
This table illustrates our live statuses of tests orders from different NPP sellers.
Once we get any news from seller we will update this table accordingly.

Remember: Contact information, reviews, pictures of delivered products, selfies of happy clients… these all can be fake. The one and the only way to stay protected is to pay by credit card.

NPP Users Reviews on Reddit and other Communities

  • “l am totally happy +….”
  • “i got it from .. and here is what i can say….”
  • “i could not expect anything better”
  • “so much respect to … +…”
  • “….”

If you have any question about how NPP can help you with your goals you are welcome to get free consultation from our professional bodybuilders team with over 15 years experience in a field of AAS and other PED products.

Our reviewed NPP online provider

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NPP 150 by Dragon Pharma

NPP 150 by Dragon Pharma
5 5 0 1
A perfect example of high quality Durabolin. Offered in a form of 10ml vial. Active substance: 150 milligrams of Nandrolone Phenylpropionate per milliliter.
A perfect example of high quality Durabolin. Offered in a form of 10ml vial. Active substance: 150 milligrams of Nandrolone Phenylpropionate per milliliter.
5.0 rating
Total Score
NPP by Dragon Pharma

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