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NPP solo and combined stacks


Just like lots of other Anabolic Steroids, NPP is consumed in a “cycle “mode. This means that fixed portions of the steroid are injected in preset intervals. Cycle consumption of NPP ensures that this substance is consumed by an athlete’s body in the right way and therefore will create maximum effects from its administration. This article continues our NPP steroid series and is going to describe exactly how NPP should be stacked alone or with other steroids to achieve your desired goals.

By reading this artile you will not only get most popular NPP cycles sheets that you can print out and use in the gym, but you will also be able to find out how you can buy quality NPP products for a reasonable price and from a trusted seller (believe us, this information will be extremely useful).

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Instead of introduction

“NPP” is short for Nandrolone Phenylpropionate. It’s rare that you’ll ever meet someone who uses this steroid and will talk about it while using its full name. Some people just say “NPP” or “Durabolin”.

NPP first hit the shelves as early as the 1950s by a company called Organon. NPP is a short ester based Anabolic steroid that is not as common as its larger ester based version known as Decanoate (Deca, or Deca-Durabolin), this is partly because of its bioavailability and absorption times. But, in today’s world, NPP is starting to see a rise in its use by bodybuilders and athletes. More and more people in today’s fitness industry are using NPP just as much as its counterpart Deca-Durabolin and it’s no surprise why. Although NPP is similar to Nandrolone Decanoate, it differs in the fact that NPP has to be injected more frequently to keep the blood levels stable due to its absorption rate. This can be very beneficial for athletes or bodybuilders who need to follow their levels and dosages carefully.

Before we jump into cycles of NPP, it is worth mentioning that this amazing steroid has been used within the medical field to treat a wide array of conditions including Anemia, Breast Cancer, muscle wasting diseases, severe burns and ulcers. NPP was highly favored within the world of medicine for its healing properties and fast absorption rates.

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Questions to ask yourself before starting any Steroid cycle

Are you willing to put the work in?

Cycles of NPP are what you make of them. You can choose to run a cycle with NPP and do your part by eating right and training hard which will provide you with great results. Or, you can use NPP and not do anything about your diet or lack of training. but this will lead to you receiving no results at all. What option will you choose? It shouldn’t be a difficult decision.

Is your diet on point?

What we mean by training and diet, is a well-balanced nutrition plan built around your cycle and your desired goals. For example, when using NPP in a cutting cycle, you will want to consume less calories so that your body can burn fat and become leaner and more defined. When using NPP for bulking, eating a surplus of calories is a must and will allow the user to pack on lean muscle mass without the added water weight.

Nandrolone Phenylpropionate can be used for cutting and bulking, but in order for the steroid to work in either cycle, the individual’s diet and training needs to be impeccable. This is imperative not only when using NPP, but also before and after the cycle. Simply put, you cannot reap the benefits of any steroid, if you sit on the couch and do not eat healthy. It just isn’t going to happen!

NPP Solo Cycles

It is not very common to use NPP in a solo cycle. This steroid is usually stacked with other compounds when creating a cutting or bulking cycle. If NPP is used on its own, it is very important to incorporate some form of synthetic Testosterone in your cycle, as using NPP alone can suppress the natural production of Testosterone in the body and lead to unwanted side effects for the user.

NPP is a bit more Anabolic than Testosterone but less Androgenic. Because of this, some users are able to tolerate NPP at higher doses than they are with high doses of Testosterone. This increases the benefits of muscle growth and overall lean gains, without the added side effects which come from high levels of Testosterone used alone.

When we talk about using NPP in solo cycles, this means that NPP is used alone but still alongside synthetic Testosterone. Testosterone should always be the base of any steroid cycle. As we talked about above, using NPP will shut down your body’s own Testosterone production which can lead to problems for the user if a synthetic version of Testosterone is not used within a cycle.

When we talk about using Testosterone as a base steroid, this can be taken, but with multiple ester release times attached to the Testosterone hormone such as; Propionate, Acetate, Enanthate, Cypionate and Decanoate (just to name a few). Usually for beginners it is advised to roughly match the esters from different compounds so that they have similar absorption times. This is done so that a beginner can time their Post Cycle Therapy better once they have completed their steroid cycle. This also helps to keep the spikes within the blood stream similar with each compound.

A FRIENDLY ADVICE to OUR blog visitors: with regards to the purchase of NPP, we recommend you not take the chance with underground labs that offer NPP steroid for sale in a form of raw or in liquids mixed in basements.

Beginners Cycle with Nandrolone Phenylpropionate

Below, we have outlined a ten-week cycle with NPP. Remember to incorporate Testosterone within your cycle at a dose of at least 400mg per week. Typically, NPP cycles run between eight and twelve weeks depending on the individual and their tolerance levels. Remember to divide your dose equally throughout the week and inject every Monday and Thursday for example.

WEEKNandrolone Phenylpropionate DoseTestosterone Propionate Dose
1200-400mg per week400mg per week
2200-400mg per week400mg per week
3200-400mg per week400mg per week
4200-400mg per week400mg per week
5200-400mg per week400mg per week
6200-400mg per week400mg per week
7200-400mg per week400mg per week
8200-400mg per week400mg per week
9200-400mg per week400mg per week
10200-400mg per week400mg per week

In this example we have used the Propionate version of Testosterone as its half-life and absorption rate is close to that of NPP.

Please note that these Testosterone injections should be split the same as those of the NPP injections, which is Monday and Thursday.

If you use the Enanthate version of Testosterone to hit your 400mg per week dosage, this can be injected only once per week for convenience purposes due to its longer half-life ester. Although the Enanthate ester has a longer half-life, it is still recommended to split this dosage into two times weekly for a more stable level of this hormone within the blood stream.

Advanced Cycle Dosages

A more advanced cycle of NPP will allow users to up the dosage. This cycle is for the more advanced users who have cycled with the smaller dosages before and found that they could tolerate those dosages without any problems or side effects. This cycle can last up to twelve weeks or it can be cut short to six weeks with dramatic results. Of course, the use of Testosterone is highly recommended as always. Most will run Testosterone Propionate at around 500-800mg per week within this cycle due to it being a similar ester to that of NPP.

WEEKNandrolone Phenylpropionate DosageTestosterone Propionate Dosage
1400-800mg per week500-800mg per week
2400-800mg per week500-800mg per week
3400-800mg per week500-800mg per week
4400-800mg per week500-800mg per week
5400-800mg per week500-800mg per week
6400-800mg per week500-800mg per week

What are the best steroids that can be used within a cycle stack of NPP?

NPP will provide good results when stacked with other steroids! Don’t believe us? Give it a try and you’ll be happy with the outcome.

Determine your goals: When considering a cycle of NPP, dig down deep and really figure out what you are trying to accomplish. After you establish that, you need to find out what other steroids you can stack with NPP in your next cutting or bulking cycle.

To achieve the maximum results from a cycle, you should give careful consideration to what other steroids you will stack with NPP for the cycle. The results of the cycle will depend on training, a strict diet, daily routine, rest and how well the steroids work together within your body. Some of the most common steroids that are stacked with Nandrolone Phenylpropionate include; Winstrol, Masteron, Turinabol, Testosterone Propionate, Dianabol and Anavar (to name a few). 

Those who are still somewhat new to steroids and consider using NPP in a stack, can do this by adding just one more compound (as well as the base compound Testosterone). Of course, advanced users sometimes use 4 or more compounds in one cycle. 

We don’t advise beginners to go from only one compound to as many as 4 in their second cycle. Take gradual steps to increase the number of steroids that you will run within a cycle.

Schedule times: When cycling NPP in a stack with other injectables or orals, it is crucial to know your consumption schedules for both. If you miss a dose or forget to inject or take one of the steroids you are running, the results may not be what you expected.

Advice before your cycle: If you haven’t done so already, get yourself a journal or a small notebook. Either will do. As long as you have something to keep track of your cycle. Trust us, this will help you to become more experienced with cycling, and also helps you work out how to tweak the next cycle for better results.

MILD Combined CYCLES (NPP with Anavar, or Dianabol, or Turinabol.

Such NPP cycles are great for beginners or females.

For a mild course, you can use Nandrolone Phenylpropionate at a dosage of 200 mg per week and Oxandrolone at 40mg per day for the first four weeks of the cycle. This stack is suitable even for female athletes or fitness fans who are not willing to take much risk in the case of associated side effects. Do not overdo the dosage to avoid the chance of running into any of these side effects. To make the cycle harder, you can replace Oxandrolone with Dianabol or Turinabol. This cycle is mainly about adding steroids in tablet form, only Nandrolone Phenylpropionate remains the injectable form.

HARDER CYCLES (NPP with Testosterone and Trenbolone cycle)

IMPORTANT: These are for experienced users only.

Nandrolone Phenylpropionate can be combined with a number of other Anabolic steroids. One of these drugs should be Testosterone as your base as we described above. This is a great combination for male athletes, 300 mg of Testosterone and 200-300 mg of Nandrolone Phenylpropionate per week.

You can use long or short Testosterone esters, but since Nandrolone Phenylpropionate is a short acting ester, it is recommended to use the short acting ester of Testosterone which is Testosterone Propionate.

Adding Trenbolone into this advanced cycle will really help to give you the boost that is needed, and again, since we are running with short acting esters, Trenbolone Acetate is advised so that all of the esters within this cycle are similar in release times.

However, Trenbolone is a very powerful steroid and will enhance the Anabolic power of Testosterone, this is why we have decreased the dosages of both NPP and Testosterone within this cycle stack.

Combined Cycles logs: How to stack NPP with other roids

  1. First up is a powerful cutting cycle. It’s NPP stacked with Testosterone Propionate, Trenbolone Acetate and Anavar. The cycle consists of injectables with one oral steroid (Anavar).
WeekNPPTest PropionateTren AcetateAnavar
1150mg EOD100mg EOD100mg EOD30-50mg ED
2150mg EOD100mg EOD100mg EOD30-50mg ED
3150mg EOD100mg EOD100mg EOD30-50mg ED
4150mg EOD100mg EOD100mg EOD30-50mg ED
5150mg EOD100mg EOD100mg EOD30-50mg ED
6150mg EOD100mg EOD100mg EOD30-50mg ED
7——100mg EOD100mg EOD—–
8——100mg EOD100mg EOD—–

2. Here is a simple bulking cycle used by many that stacks: NPP with Dianabol and Testosterone Propionate. This cycle will help to add overall muscle mass and strength gain which includes both oral and injectables.

WeekNPPTest PropionateDianabol
1150mg EOD150mg EOD30mg ED
2150mg EOD150mg EOD30mg ED
3150mg EOD150mg EOD30mg ED
4150mg EOD150mg EOD30mg ED
5150mg EOD150mg EOD30mg ED
6150mg EOD150mg EOD30mg ED
7—–150mg EOD—–
8—–150mg EOD—–

3. Are you are looking for strength gains as well as an eye-catching physique? We have the perfect cycle that stacks a whole host of popular steroids. This is however not for the faint hearted, this is only advised for the advanced and experienced athletes.

How does NPP, Testosterone Propionate, Dianabol, Masteron and Winstrol sound? We think you’ll love this one! It’s a twelve-week cycle that will super-size your strength gains and take your physique to the next level!

WeekNPPTest PropionateDianabolMasteronWinstrol
1350mg per week700mg per week50mg ED—–—–
2350mg per week700mg per week50mg ED—–—–
3350mg per week700mg per week50mg ED—–—–
4350mg per week700mg per week50mg ED—–—–
5350mg per week700mg per week—–700mg per week—–
6350mg per week700mg per week—–700mg per week—–
7350mg per week700mg per week—–700mg per week—–
8350mg per week700mg per week—–700mg per week80mg ED
9350mg per week700mg per week—–700mg per week80mg ED
10350mg per week700mg per week—–700mg per week80mg ED
11350mg per week700mg per week—–700mg per week80mg ED
12350mg per week700mg per week—–700mg per week80mg ED

4. Here is a simple, clean and lean cycle that is used by many and stacks; NPP with Testosterone Propionate and Turinabol. This cycle is nine weeks in length.

WeekNPPTest PropionateTurinabol
1150mg EOD100mg EOD70mg ED
2150mg EOD100mg EOD70mg ED
3150mg EOD100mg EOD70mg ED
4150mg EOD100mg EOD70mg ED
5150mg EOD100mg EOD40mg ED
6150mg EOD100mg EOD40mg ED
7150mg EOD100mg EOD40mg ED
8150mg EOD100mg EOD40mg ED
5—–100mg EOD—–

Benefits of Stacking NPP

The benefits of stacking NPP in a steroid cycle are tremendous. Adding Nandrolone Phenylpropionate to a cycle will significantly increase power performance and reduce the amount of time it takes for the body to recover from intense workouts. NPP allows for slow but steady muscle growth and the ability to burn through fat when used correctly in a cutting cycle with other steroids such as Trenbolone and Masteron.

Lifting heavy weights for longer periods of time will wear down your joints, causing pain and discomfort. NPP is said to alleviate this pain by keeping the joints lubricated. This enables the user to push through extra reps with heavy weight, far more than without the use of NPP in a cycle. NPP has been favored by many for its ability to help relieve this join pain by lubricating the joints but without the added water retention that is associated with its longer acting ester version Nandrolone Decanoate, this is due to the different half-life times between the two similar substances.

In bulking cycles, NPP is one of the most popular steroids to stack with other compounds. Although the goal of a bulking cycle is to add mass, NPP will do that but in a clean, quality fashion. This is very beneficial to bodybuilders who bulk during the off-season but need to add pure size and not increase their body fat percentage. This is due to the shorter ester of NPP not allowing the body to hold water retention, as we have just mentioned above.

Whether bulking, cutting or just incorporating for the relief of joint pain, NPP will help transform the body into a well-sculpted lean, muscular machine. Keep in mind, diet and training need to be on point at all times to receive the maximum benefits that this amazing substance can offer.

Post Cycle Therapy

Mike Kemp / Getty Images

Post Cycle Therapy or “PCT” is an essential process that people go through once they have finished a cycle of steroids. The objective is to get their body back to its normal state so it can start naturally producing hormones such as Testosterone again. Once a user’s steroid cycle is over, a user will then start their Post Cycle Therapy.

PCT is essential to prevent long-term impairment of Testosterone production in the body. Without PCT, Testosterone levels may never return to normal and replacement therapy may be required permanently.

Some may start PCT as early as two or three days after their last pill or injection is taken. Start times are not set in stone and will vary from person to person depending on the length of the cycle and what steroids were taken at what dosages. Obviously, with a longer cycle, you’ll need a longer recovery period of PCT. Common PCT cycles after using Nandrolone Phenylpropionate last four weeks and begin one week after your last NPP injection.

PCT uses either Clomid or Nolvadex, although, some individuals will use both during this time. Clomid and Nolvadex both come with side effects that may include; headaches, nausea and an upset stomach. These side effects will vary from person to person depending on his or her tolerance level. Whether choosing one over the other or choosing to use both for PCT, it’s common to start with higher doses of both drugs and taper the dosage down until PCT comes to an end.

Post Cycle Therapy start times: Remember that your PCT cycle must start when there is no remaining active hormone left available within the blood stream. For example, if you are using Testosterone Enanthate as your Testosterone base within an NPP and Testosterone Enanthate cycle, then you must wait at least two weeks before starting your Post Cycle Therapy. Although the active NPP will be out of your system within one week, the Testosterone with the Enanthate ester will still be active for up to two weeks after your last injection. This is why users will stop their Testosterone Enanthate injection one week earlier than NPP, so that the active half-lives of these compounds will be eliminated from the blood stream at similar times. Only then will it be effective to start your PCT. This is why we talked about using similar half-life esters in the same cycles for beginners, so that it will be easier to determine when to start your PCT, than if you were to use multi-ester compounds within the same cycle.

Here we have an example of a four-week PCT cycle. If NPP and Testosterone Propionate are used, then this cycle will start one week from your last injections of these compounds;

Week     Clomid     Nolvadex

    1           50mg        40mg 

    2           50mg        40mg

     3          25mg        20mg

     4          25mg        20mg

These dosages provided are taken daily throughout each week. This is an example of using both Clomid and Nolvadex (Tamoxifen) for your PCT recovery.  

Training process during PCT

These are websites that keep warehouses outside of USA. They pack stocks by close cooperation with factories and thus they enjoy high volume discounts. Some of them work on drop-shipping model, when they deal with bulk resellers who arrange

When training during your PCT cycle stage, do not expect to hit the gym as viciously as when you were on your steroid cycle. A big problem that people suffer with during this phase is with the placebo effect. Although your blood stream is not full of synthetic hormones within your PCT stage, most athletes or bodybuilders tend to lack in their commitment to training due to no longer injecting themselves anymore. You may feel a slight loss in strength or endurance, but if you power through and push hard, your muscle gains will not be lost when you come off of the cycle. If you train hard and keep your diet on point while timing your PCT correctly, then you can maintain the muscle mass that you have gained throughout the cycle. Individuals can feel tired or not so pumped up to workout but that is only natural.

Keeping a positive mindset when running your post cycle therapy is essential. Remember, this is the time your body needs to regroup and recharge for your next steroid cycle. Time off allows you, your body and your mind to strategically create your next cycle. Plan it out and crush your goals towards the body you have worked hard for.

As we have explained, when you are going through your PCT cycle, this can bring users down mentally which then in turn, can affect them physically. If you are feeling low or having problems during your PCT, natural Testosterone boosters along with some over the counter mood enhancers like Modafinil can help to counter balance the effects caused during your PCT.

A good way to also counteract any issues while in the PCT phase is Proviron. If this is taken throughout your PCT cycle it can help to eliminate any of these common side effects during this phase. If you choose to take Proviron through your PCT, 80mg per day is required for the length of your PCT.


NPP was not very popular within the fitness industry but is quickly coming up in the ranks. You’ll find some users that have stacked this steroid in various cycles and others that have never used NPP before.

Make sure you know enough about NPP and check out our detailed instructions on how to inject NPP before adding it into your next bulking or cutting cycle. This steroid may work incredibly for one person while not providing the same results for someone else. There are several key factors that play a role in how a steroid cycle will work. Body type, level of fitness, body fat percentage, age, diet plan and training routine are just some of the things that determine what the cycle will do for the user’s physique.

If you think that NPP is for you and that you would like to go ahead and try this substance within your first or next cycle but are asking yourself these questions

  • How and where can I get NPP from if this is not prescribed by doctors?
  • Is it a good idea to perform Google search “buy NPP in the USA”?
  • Are all of the sellers of NPP safe and trustworthy while providing quality products?
  • How can I be sure that the website owners or sellers will not run away with my money?

Do not worry! We provide answers to all of these questions and even share the results of previous purchases from some of the online stores in our “Buy NPP” article, so if you are really serious about purchasing NPP, then this will be really worth reading.

If you have any questions regarding the NPP Steroid or any other main popular Anabolics, feel free to send us a message.

Our pro IFBB member (Professional bodybuilder) is always here to help you. We provide support with the creation of cycles that will help you to reach any goal in any major sport and to stay away from possible side effects that Anabolic steroids may bring if used without proper instructions.

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